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Trimdek® ZINCALUME® Roofing Sheets

TRIMDEK® Zincalume is used on roofs with a minimum of 2 degree of fall or greater.  It is screw down metal deck roofing iron, which makes it very easy to install.

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TRIMDEK® Zincalume

Also known as Trimclad and Monoclad

TRIMDEK® is used on roofs with a minimum of 2 degree of fall or greater.  It is screw down metal deck roofing iron, which makes it very easy to install. These roofing sheets are a cost effective alternative to Klip-Lok roofing sheets. It sits well in both domestic and commercial applications.

TRIMDEK® is a subtle square-fluted steel cladding, available in long lengths, so on most jobs you can have one sheet from ridge to gutter without end laps. in addition, it is made of high strength steel and despite its lightness, provides excellent spanning capacity and remarkable recovery after deformation.

The strength, spanning ability, lightness and rigidity of TRIMDEK® permits wide support spacings to be used with safety.

Cover of sheet - 762mm (same cover as corrugated iron). The "cover of sheet" is the measured amount each sheet will cover (including the side lap) when layed in position on the roof.

Reasons to consider Zincalume for your roof

Roof is integral for the safety of the people living inside the property and you will need to make sure that you are selecting a material that will function optimally for offering you the highest level of protection. Hence you will need to look for a supplier who will sell the best quality Zincalume for the benefits of your property. You will get fast delivery along with lowest prices at Bayside Roofing Materials . Here you will get every kind of roofing product that you are looking for at the most affordable price so that you will save money in the long run. Zincalume is known as the best roofing material that tends to add strength and durability to your roofs and you can also consider trusted Australian, Blue-scope steel roofing for the best results. It will offer you the convenience of selecting roof that is durable and it will last longer for many years without any issues.

Know the benefits offered by Zincalume for your property.

Zincalume is the best roofing material for your commercial property as it offers the kind of safety and protection that you are looking for so that you will enjoy a host of benefits. For making purchase of the roofing material, you will need to visit where you will get the widest collection of roofing materials. You will get fast delivery of the roofing material so that it will be installed in your roof for getting the benefits of a fully functional roofing system.  When you get lowest prices on the corrugated iron and the metal roofing materials, you can be rest assured that your commercial roofing system will function for helping you get maximum comfort and protection. You will also be able to use the trusted Australian- Bluescope steel roofing so that your property will enjoy the benefits for a longer period of time so that your commercial property will function as intended.

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