55mm Roof Insulation Blanket and Foil - 15m Roll.

55mm Roof Insulation Blanket and Foil - 15m Roll.

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Purchase our most popular insulation product - ROOF INSULATION Building blanket faced with reflective foil laminate.

What is the length of this insulation blanket?

15-metre roll, which covers 18 square metres per roll.  The thickness of the blanket is 55mm with reflective foil laminate. The width of the is blanket is 1200mm

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Metal Roofing - Roof Insulation Blanket from Bayside Roofing Materials

When you install a metal roof, an important and critical step is to protect it so that it looks great, performs at its best and lasts longer. Bayside Roofing materials provide high-quality roof insulation to your metal roofs that greatly enhances the comfort of your home through its excellent thermal protection and keeps it in top condition.

Bayside Roofing Materials has been providing a vast range of roofing solutions for every region in Australia that meets Australian standards and weather conditions. You are assured to get standard and high-quality roof blankets with roof insulation cost at the lowest price and fast delivery.

The 55-mm roof insulation blanket and foil is available in 15 meters rolls and have 1200 mm width. Each roll can cover an area of 18 sq. meters. It has an R-value of 1.3 which provides excellent thermal protection against heat and cold for both residential and commercial properties.

1. Why choose metal roofing?

Bayside Roofing Materials has been providing professional and expert roofing solutions in every region in Australia for the past few years. Our technicians are trained, and certified and have vast experience and knowledge in providing complete roof solutions including every type of roof insulation blanket.

Our superior skills and expertise give you service that has minute attention to detail and long-lasting performance that meets your aspirations. The team has the expert knowledge to provide an effective and efficient installation of roof blankets for your metal roofs.

2. Why Install Roof Insulation Blankets?

The roof insulation blankets have a 55 mm thick blanket fixed on high quality and reflective Thermo foil. The insulation blanket consists of recycled content with fine wool-like fibres which highly insulates heat and cold. The insulation blanket should be installed with the foil facing down on the metal roof.

This insulation blanket is specifically designed to provide the following benefits.

a. Thermal insulation of your room against extreme hot or cold weather.

b. Acoustic insulation that reduces external noise due to rain, wind, airborne objects.

c. Reduces the risk of condensation under the metal roofs and extending its life span.

d. Reduces the energy bills by the thermal insulating your home from external harsh conditions

e. Resistant to fire and manufactured with safety standards of Australia.

You can call the Metal Roofing team at Bayside Roofing Material’s to get the safe, reliable and durable installation of the Roof Insulation blanket with just a phone call to the customer care team. You can get these products at the lowest price and fast delivery. All our material for roofing is supplied by Australian Bluescope Steel which ensures the highest quality, durability and resistant to corrosion.