Polycarbonate Roofing Screw and Dome Seal 12 X 50

Purchase Polycarbonate Roofing Screw and Dome Seal. For use with polycarbonate sheeting. A ssembled 12mm x 50mm screws and 26mm grey dome seal.

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Polycarbonate Screw & Dome Seal 12mm x 50mm

For use with polycarbonate sheeting.
♦ When fixing polycarbonate sheets to the batterns or purlins, allowance has to be made when drilling screw holes so that the sheet can move freely as it expands and contracts.  Screw holes must have a minimum diameter of 10mm for sheet lengths up to 4.2m.  Lengths over 4.2m and up to 8.1m require 12mm diameter holes.  To fix corrugated and greca profiles use 50mm x 12g screws.  The 5-Rib profile requires 65mm x 12g screws.  All screws must be fitted with 26mm grey domed weatherproof seals.  Please avoid over tightening!

♦ An alternate method of fixing which also speeds up installation, is to use our Clearfix self drilling combination drill/cutter and weatherproof seal screw.  These fasteners self drill the sheet and create the correct clearance hole in one operation. A very easy, effective, method.


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