Purchase ZINCALUME® Fascia. This system provides clean lines and is the smart alternative for all new homes.

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Per Lineal Metre

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ZINCALUME® Metal Fascia 

Our ZINCALUME® Metal Fascia System provides clean lines and the smart alternative for all new homes. Manufactured from Hi Tensile ZINCALUME® it will not warp, shrink or rot making it virtually maintenance free.

This ZINCALUME® fascia may be integrated with most gutter profiles using our spring clip system which allows fast easy installation and adjustment to falls.

What to Know About Purchasing and Installing Roofing Materials to Avoid Hidden Costs

If the time has come for you to replace your roof, one of the most important things to take care of is your budget. You need to determine the price of roofing materials, as well as the total costs of the repair job, so you can strategically manage the project. In doing this, however, you must be extra careful. Do your homework — don’t just rely on what roofing contractors will tell you about the materials and everything that needs to be done. By arming yourself with information, you can negotiate better and find opportunities for savings. For example, if you will be purchasing roofing materials, roofing contractors may say that they have their own suppliers that will provide the materials at a much cheaper price. While it may be convenient for them to go with their own suppliers, you don’t necessarily have to source all your roofing needs from them. You can find different vendors (like a trusted BlueScope Steel supplier that offers affordable roofing materials and fast delivery of purchases) that can provide a much better deal on your preferred products. Just make sure that you get a full list of the necessary materials for the project so you can effectively compare prices and identify deals that will allow you to save or get more for your money’s worth. Another vital thing to get information on is the installation estimate. Make sure that the process is discussed with you completely and that the costs of all the tasks that comprise installation are covered. Contractors can easily provide you estimates; your job is to compare estimates and enquire about the discrepancies. Through comparison, you’ll learn which contractors are not providing accurate details; those that leave out certain things are quite likely to charge you way more than the estimate they provided.  It will be a big help as well to hire inspectors in determining the cost of the job; inspectors will provide you a report on the amount of work that has to be done based on industry standards. You can compare their report with what contractors say they actually need to do. Third is the cost of all the permits to be procured. You can enquire about this on your own, but a good contractor can provide the real price of all the permits to be pulled for the project. And lastly, it’s best to come to an agreement on a final price with your roofing contractor and to draw up a detailed contract about the project. With a contract, there’s no way for both parties to take advantage of each other.


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