COLORBOND® Gutter Quad

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Compatable with both tiled and metal roofs, quad is the most popular gutter profile on the market today. 

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Per Lineal Metre

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This COLORBOND® gutter is compatable with both steel and tiled roofs.

COLORBOND gutters can definitely handle water! Extreme weather conditions aren't unheard of in Australia, so gutters need to be strong enough to perform suitable rainwater collection and provide protection from stormwater damage.


An economical, classically designed guttering profile, perfect for new installation or to match existing gutter. Quad Gutter is perfect for use with our Steel Fascia system or timber fascias with the option of external or concealed brackets.

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Bayside Roofing Materials, Transforming your home 
The number one solution to all your roofing and gutter needs today, with over 25 years experience. We supply trusted COLORBOND® Australian BlueScope Steel roofing products, and ZINCALUME® sheets at the lowest prices. BlueScope is of very high quality and offers you a warranty of up to 36 years including rights and protection. COLORBOND® steel delivers an outstanding lifetime performance, it is strong, secure and energy smart. Its range of 22 thermal efficient colors will help keep your home cooler on hot and sunny days. Among the very many roofing products we supply is the Quad gutter.
The Quad gutter we offer you, is of a classic elegant design that is perfectly compatible with both traditional and modern homes. So whether you want it on your new beautiful home, or replacing an existing gutter that does not suit you anymore, it is guaranteed to blend well with it. It is designed to be compatible with NOVALINE® Fascial system for quick, easy installation. The Quad gutter also comes in a range of different COLORBOND® steel colors, to compliment, match or contrast your roof according to your preference. It can be fitted to both tile and steel roofing. The gutter also has an optional slotting to allow over flowing during heavy rains. Because it is made from COLORBOND® steel, it will last for up to four times the life of a galvanized gutter in similar conditions. Finally the Quad gutter comes with a complete range of accessories to suit your home. 
At Bayside roofing materials, we have a fully stocked factory that will without a doubt take care of all your roofing needs. So if you want custom flashings, gutters, fascial, COLORBOND® roofing and ZINCALUME® sheets we are your best solution. Offering quality and fast delivery.
On certain roof flashings, we offer same day service. 
If your planning to start a roofing project today, and want some insight and assistance, you can visit us for assistance. You will get professional help and advice to make your roofing a reality. We have a complete sheet metal folder that will help you in your decision making. Our prices are relatively lower saving you money especially when your on a budget. Come transform your roofing ideas into reality at Bayside roofing materials.


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