COLORBOND® Gutter Guard Leafless

Gutter Guard in Colorbond Colour Range. No more blocked gutters!

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Leafless Gutter Guard / Mesh in Colorbond - 2.5 metre roll


The aluminium Leafless Gutter Guard System makes cleaning your gutters a thing of the past, as it protects your gutters from getting clogged up with leaves, sticks and other tree debris. Plus, installation is simple, just shape the pliable aluminium gutter guard strip to fit the unique shape of your roof.


» Invented by an Australian roofing expert, the Leafless Gutter Guard System is manufactured right here in Melbourne, with a patent in New Zealand and a patent pending in Australia. The Leafless Gutter Guard System was developed after the inventor discovered that there were no systems designed to effectively prevent leaves and other tree debris from clogging the gutters, thereby necessitating relatively frequent maintenance.



» Prior to the development of the Leafless Gutter Guard System, all of the available leaf guard products were comprised of mesh. The problem? The mesh would clog with debris, so while it would prevent leaves from entering the gutters, it would also prevent the water from entering the gutters!


» The Leafless Gutter Guard System is unique in that it's a metal panel, with six millimeter holes. Extensive testing was performed to find the perfect hole size; the six millimeter holes were found to be large enough to prevent clogging from small bits of lichen, leaves and other tree litter, while they're small enough to prevent the gutter clogging debris from entering the gutter.


» In addition, the Leafless Gutter Guard System is designed with a smooth surface that resists catching leaves and other tree debris, which simply blows off the roof (whereas mesh products tend to trap and catch debris, which contributes to clogging.)


» The Leafless Gutter Guard System is constructed of sturdy, heavy duty aluminum, which resists degradation due to water or UV/sunlight exposure. Degradation is a common problem with many mesh gutter guard products, which are typically constructed of plastic or nylon, both of which are prone to degradation over time due to exposure to sunlight.


» What's more, the Leafless Gutter Guard System has a fire rating of zero. This means it's among the safest gutter guard products on the market, plus it's compliant with Australia's AS 3959 building code for structures that are located in a region that is prone to brush fires.


» Installing the Leafless Gutter Guard System is simple! Opt for professional installation or simply install as a DIY project. Just measure your roof to determine how much you need, place your order here on, then once your order arrives, unroll the guard material and install with ease! The malleable aluminum construction makes it easy to shape it so it matches your roof line perfectly!

♦ Aluminium in Colorbond colour range.
♦ Fire rating = zero
♦ No more blocked gutters or downpipes
♦ Prevents overflowing gutters
♦ Reduces fire risk
♦ Prevents dirty tank water
♦ Prevents nesting of birds and pests
♦ Can be shaped to different profiles


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