COLORBOND® Klip-Lok 700 Roofing Sheets

KLIP-LOK 700 roofing sheets COLORBOND® are a concealed fixed roofing sheet profile which not only gives a modern, clean line with no unsightly scews.

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Klip-Lok 700 Hi Strength: COLORBOND®

KLIP-LOK Hi Strength® 700 features improved rib strength for excellent spanning capacity. Visually, a strong rib makes a bold statement rising from flat pans with longitudinal fluting. Clips permit thermal expansion of long, straight runs, and because there are no piercings through the cladding; the long, straight lines of KLIP-LOK Hi Strength® 700 remain crisp and clean. And no piercings means superb weatherproof performance. Can be used in conjunction with the LOK-KLIP™ system which is the fast and effective solution for weather resistant end and expansion joints

These roofing sheets are a concealed fixed metal deck roofing and cladding, with no exposed fasteners. In addition they have a versatile roofing profile which is available in long lengths. A concealed fixed profile which not only gives a modern, clean line with no unsightly scews, it also provides the utmost in security under extreme weather conditions. Designed for almost flat roofing applications, these roofing sheets can be used on a minimum roof pitch of 1 degree (1 in 60)

Klip Lok is available for use on roof pitches from as little as 1 degree.

Cover width of sheet : 700mm


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The benefits of buying our COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets 

Do you want to build a durable roofing? COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets are among top rated roofing sheets that you can use to improve the durability of your home. In addition, you will be able to save money that you would spend during your roofing. Here are the top three benefits of buying our COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets to remember:  Affordable roofing options - As opposed to others roofing materials that sells in the market, COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets provides one of the best roofing materials that you can use to improve the durability of your house. This means that you will save up to 20 percent the cost of roofing when using COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets compared to other available alternatives in Australia. They are among the best that you can get especially when you want a modern home.  Made from the latest roofing technology. They are made from advancement of these original and concealed fix roofs cladding especially from bold ribs making strong visual statements rising from these flat pans. Why say so? This makes it a superior product that has earned a FM Global approval. In addition, COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets have: Can be easily used with a LOK-KLIP® end as well as expansion joint system. Nominal cover width of 700mm These COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets are perfect when you want a roofing that will adapt to the prevailing climatic conditions. You will never have to worry about the prevailing weather conditions when your house has this kind of roofing. These features make COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets among the top sold roofing options in Australia.  In conclusion, the above are the benefits of buying our COLORBOND® Klip Lok Roof Sheets if you want a modern home today. 

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