COLORBOND: Corrugated Iron Custom Orb .42bmt

COLORBOND: Corrugated Iron Custom Orb .42bmt

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Price is per lineal metre and includes GST.

Custom cut lengths available.

Please allow approximately 4 - 7 working days for collection/delivery. 

To order please email or HERE   

Few roofing materials are more versatile and durable than the Colorbond corrugated iron sheets for inclined surfaces and easy water runoff. Colorbond's premium corrugated roofing is available in a wide variety of colours, so you'll have the perfect choice at your disposal for any type of project or environment.

Expect more in terms of service and quality from Colorbond, including great features such as:

-.42 BMT standard thickness

-762 mm sheet cover

-Australian BlueScope premium steel

You'll enjoy optimum strength from a high-quality product that's been performance tested to ensure a long-lasting roof, backed by the full confidence of BlueScope's comprehensive warranty. The installation process is made incredibly simple and straightforward. Get more value from a reliable and established name in the industry by purchasing Colorbond's high-performance corrugated iron roofing sheets today.



Colorbond- Install the best roofing system for your property.

Colorbond is the best roofing material that you can purchase for your home as it helps your roof to function optimally all year round without any kind of issues. You will get the highest level of safety and protection from every weather condition. Therefore, if you want to install colour bond roof in your home then you will need to visit or call us here at Bayside Roofing Materials so that you can get fast delivery of the roofing system. 

Australian Bluescope- steel roofing will last for many years without the need for replacement and your home will remain in good condition so that you and your family will remain protected all year long. Moreover, Easy ordering offers you the benefits of getting the roofing material delivered at your doorstep so that you will enjoy living in a protected space. But for this you will need to hire roofers who will help you get the best roof at an affordable price so that you will enjoy its benefits for your life.